The unique architecture style of Champa

Inspired by the unique Champa architecture style, Beau Rivage Hotel Nha Trang has an intersection between classic and modern design. Brown wood is the main color to create warmth and luxury. This will be the perfect choice for visitor who loves culture and traveling.

Interference space between
ancient and modern

At the Beau Rivage Hotel Nha Trang, tourists will experience a unique resort space. 100% of the interior is designed in accordance with the standards of Beau Rivage Nha Trang so visitors can hardly find such experience elsewhere. The ornaments are decorated according to Cham Pa architecture, such as alto-relievo, sculptural decor etc., delicately arranged alongside neo-classical interiors. In particular, the space is designed with many bright colors and trees to harmonize colors. Like the appartment block, 100% of the rooms in hotel has sea view – balcony overlooking the blue sea.