Beach Style - Designed in young, blue and relaxed style

Beau Rivage is inspired with the blue of the sea – the most striking image that any visitor would love to visit the coastal city of Nha Trang. The blue of the sea create fresh, relaxed and unique atmosphere and make the apartment Beau Rivage  become impressive and attractive. This design style is suitable for young and dynamic travelers looking forward to relaxing in a peaceful, fresh space.

Enjoy sea view from apartment

All apartments are facing the sea, airy and optimize space. Visitors can  view the sea from the living room of t he apartment. Besides, the furniture, walls, and decorative items… are also designed with the blue of the sea to create unique style for the apartment. Coming to the apartment, visitors will feel relaxed, comfortable as they are immersed in the blue sea and enjoy fresh air. All worries, fatigue will disappear, instead of the moments of enjoyment and relaxation. The apartments having panorama view of Nha Trang Bay are designed to view the whole horizon which creates a distinct experience for visitors.